People of the Globe is a long term photographic project that began in 2004. The underlying concept is to explore the influence multi-culturalism and globalisation have in today’s world, where younger generations are exposed to different cultures through media and face-to-face interactions with each other.

The idea for this project began when I was studying a masters degree in Australia. I suddenly realised that most of my friends were from very different backgrounds, with very different customs and lifestyles, but we were all going through a similar experience.

Most importantly, we were all friends and our cultural differences were an interesting topic of conversation that actually helped unite us and strengthen our friendship instead of a reason for differentiation.

We all wanted to know more about each other.

The very things that sometimes are a cause of conflict throughout the world can unite people if viewed from a different perspective. That of respect instead of ignorance. The experience has given me hope that cultural, political and religious conflict will someday be a thing of the past through the positive attitude of the globe’s youth.

The ultimate goal is to put together a series of photographs of people from every country in the globe.